Accepting user invitation

Invited user will receive an email from RefineBooks specifying name of the organization and its owner who sent the invitation. Also, invited user will require to do a free signup with the same email address on which invitation has been sent or if the user is already a registered member then he accept invitation after log in.

  1. Click on your username and select Manage.
  2. Select Organization Management tab.
  3. There is a section called Pending Invitation. This section shows all the invitation that has been sent to the user along with other details such as Organization ID as well as Access Right shared.pending-invitation
  4. You can Accept or Reject invitation sent to you using buttons available under the action column.
  5. Once you Accept the invitation, you are able to view or make changes in  books of account of that invited organization as per the rights alloted by the owner of organization.

Note:- The organization will be shown to you under Organization Management tab and invited user can do specific things on the basis of the access rights provided.

The invited user cannot invite another person to view or add/edit entries.