Contact Details Setup

The second step is to enter the Contact Details of the organization. You can enter/edit these details anytime by using Setting -> Contact Details option available on the left side menu.

  1. Organization Name
    Company name box displays the organization name which you have used at the time of creating a organization. This field is locked here. You can change organization name from Manage -> Organization Management
  2. Legal Name
    Enter the legal name of the organization. This name will be printed on all the invoices and report of that organization. By default, the organization name will be taken as default legal name and you can edit the legal name anytime from here.
  3. Contact Details
    Enter the registered address of the organization and other relevant details of the organization. All these details will be printed on the invoice and reports of that organization.
  4. Other Details
    Enter the various registration number applicable to the company. VAT, CST & Service Tax number will be displayed in sales invoices, if available. You can also enter any other registration number such as CIN, IE Code in the field Business Registration Number. You should enter VAT, CST & Service Tax only if you want to do accounting for the period prior to 1st July 2017. For entering GST details we have introduced a new tab called GST Setup.
  5. Click Save & Next or Save & Close.

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