Financial Year Setup

After adding an organization, you are required to add various financial and contact details relevant to the organization. The first step is to create the financial year of the organization in the Financial Year tab. Once you create a new organization it will auto redirect you to setting page or you can enter this details by using Setting option available in the left-side menu. This is a compulsory step and has to be completed before proceeding with accounting.

  1. First Month of the Financial Year
    Select the first month of the financial year. Generally, the financial year in India runs from April to March. So select April otherwise select that month from which your financial year begins.
  2. First Financial Year
    Select the financial year from which you would like to do the accounting in RefineBooks. For example, if you like to do accounting from 1st April 2017, then select 2017 as the first financial year.
    Note: – This year cannot be changed later, therefore select it carefully.
  3. Current Financial Year
    List of all the available financial year for the organization will get displayed on the basis of month and year selected in the above steps. Cross check whether the financial year created by you is similar to the one which applies to your organization. You can select any of the available financial years and can shuffle among different financial year anytime.
  4. Click Save & Next or Save & Close.

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