How to File GSTR-3B using Refinebooks

GSTR-3B is required to be filed every month by every person registered in GST other than composition scheme dealers. Due date is 20 days from the end of the month.

You can generate GSTR-3B using Refinebooks and filing return only requires a few clicks. If you file your return through a CA/Tax Practitioner then you can just send json file to him/her.

The process is as under

  1. Generating json file through Refinebooks.
  2. Upload json file on
  3. Make payment if required and validate using EVC or digital signature.

Step by Step Procedure to File GSTR-3B

Step 1 – Go to GST Return tab from left side panel.

Step 2 – Click on GSTR-3B on gst return page. This will open the GSTR-3B page.

Step 3 – Select the month for which you want to file return and click on generate. Details of the relevant month will be shown in the same format in which details are required in GSTR-3B form. Take an overview of the details and click on Create JSON button to download json file.

Step 4 – Go to and login to your account. Click on Return dashboard, select the month and Go to GSTR-3B and click on Prepare offline

Step 5 – On next page, option to upload json file will appear. Upload the json file and wait for 1-2 minutes for processing. After successful validation “Processed” will be shown in status column. 

Step 6 – Now go again to Prepare Online page as shown in Step – 4 and you will find all data auto-filled there. Recheck all the figures in all tables.

Step 7 – Click on proceed to payment. Click create challan if payment is required. Make payment via challan and return to this page. Click on “Make payment/post credit to ledger” button. You will receive an offset liabilities successfully message. Click on file return and then validate your return using EVC or digital signature.

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