Inviting User

This option is not available in Free plan.

You can now share your organization books with anyone by inviting a person as a user.

  1. Click on your username and select Manage.

  2. Select the User Management tab.
  3. Click on Invite User button
  4. Select the organization for which you want to invite the user. Only the company selected by you will get shared with the user (not all the organizations which you have in your account).
  5. Enter the name of the user for your own reference.
  6. Enter the email of the user to which you want to send the invitation.
  7. Select the access rights which you want to give to the new user. If you want the new user only to view your books of accounts then select View option. However, if you select Edit/Delete, the new user can enter new records as well as delete old records.
    Note:- The option of deleting organization and inviting user is only available to the owner of the organization.
  8. Click Invite button for sending an invitation to the user via email.
  9. The list of the user shows all the invitation sent and the status of invitation
    a) Pending -> Invitation is not yet accepted by the user.
    b) Accepted -> Invitation has been accepted by the user.
    c) Deleted -> Invitation has been deleted by the user.
    d) Rejected -> Invitation has been rejected by the user.

Process for Invitee

  1. Sign up using google or filling details at
  2. You will be shown the following screen. Click on “Back to Account Settings” on left side below logo.
  3. In organisation setup page, this will be shown. Click on Accept and setup is completed. Select the organisation from the top menu and you are good to go.