Sales Invoice Customization

  1. Show Shipping Address
    You want to show shipping address in your invoice or not. Generally, businesses who sold services are not required to use shipping address in their invoice.
  2. Invoice Note
    You can enter any standard notes such as your bank details, terms & conditions, thanking messages etc. which will be printed in sales invoices. The standard message will get populated in the sales invoice, and you can edit it at the time of creating an invoice.
  3. Logo of Organization
    You can upload your business logo (less than 1 MB) which will get printed in the sales invoices. The recommended size for the logo is 100 (height) X 200 (width).
  4. Printing HSN/SAC
    If you like to print HSN/SAC in sales invoice, then you can turn this feature to On. HSN/SAC entered only for the items will get printed in sales invoices.
  5. Print Unit of Measurement (UoM)
    If you want to print unit of measurement (pieces, kg, litre etc.) in invoices then set this option to Yes. On selecting this option to Yes, two more options will appear 1) Print Long Name (Pieces, Kilogram, Litre etc.) 2) Print Short Name (Pcs, Kg, Ltr etc.)
  6. Heading of Sales Invoice
    Use this option if you would like to change the heading of your sales invoice. By default, the heading is the Sales Invoice.
  7. Printing Setup
    You can set up the number of copies required to be printed for each sales invoices. Select any option which suits your need:-
    a) Single copy (Original for the customer)
    b) Duplicate copy (Original for Customer and Duplicate for Supplier)
    c) Triplicate copy (Original for Customer and Duplicate for Transporter and Triplicate for Supplier)

    : – Select the option ‘Do not ask again at the time of printing invoice’ if you always require a similar number of invoice copies. If you have different needs every time, then you can select most commonly used option (single, duplicate or triplicate) and keep this box unchecked so that you can change the number of invoice copies at the time of printing sales invoices.
  8. Place for Signature
    Select Yes, if you want to sign the printed copy of an invoice or can you also upload the scan copy of your sign (using Browse button) which will get printed on the invoice.
    Select No, if you do not want to sign the printed copy of the invoice or print your digital sign. A default message “This is a computer generated printout, and no signature is required.” will get printed on the invoice.
  9. Transport Details
    A button comes in the left bottom of sales invoice page of Transport details in which you can enter transport details including e-way bill number. For a business which sells only services, this option will be set to No by default.
    When you had set this option to Yes, then another option comes whether you want to print such details in the invoice or not. If yes, then another option comes which allow you to select whether you want to print e-way bill number only or all the transport details.
  10. Print Due Date
    You can choose to print due date in invoices. If you are not using this functionality or using it only for your internal tracking, then you can set this option to No.

You have complete control over what you want to print and what not. Invoice notes let you set your bank account and terms and conditions by default.