Type of Subscription Status

Organization can have below subscription status:-

  1. Trial
    Each user will get 30 days free trial for the first organization in his account. All the feature will be available to the user when the organization is having the status of Trial.
  2. Active
    The organization will become Active once the subscription is purchased. Currently, you can purchase the subscription for a period of one year for each organization. An active organization will have access to all the available features.
  3. Inactive
    Every new organization created after free trial organization will have a status of Inactive. You can use Inactive organization only after purchasing a subscription.
  4. Expired
    After the expiry of free trial or subscription period, organization is converted to Expired status. You will not be able to use Expired organization until you renew organization subscription. However, if you have any Active organization in your account then you will be able to View the transaction entered in the expired organization. In case you do not have any active organization in your account then you will be require to renew subscription before using Expired organization even for Viewing rights.